The service offered by TMFA on accounting, tax and corporate matters is not limited solely to the drafting of binding declarations and financial statements. Continuous support and competence accompany the customers during the entire course of their business.

Regarding the management and keeping the accounts, the Office may permit both small and medium sized clients to outsource the administrative function by managing operations in full.

Where appropriate, for companies having an internal accounting department, TMFA provides electronic assistance in relation to problems that arise daily.

TMFA professionals have gained experience in both the national and international fields over the years, as they have completed transactions between parent companies and their subsidiaries also abroad.

The main services offered by the Tax and Corporate Office are: 

  • maintaining ordinary and simplified accounting records through the use of professional
  • computer programs and integrated with the applications for annual declarations;
  • drafting of interim financial statements and interim reports;
  • maintaining corporate books;
  • preparation of periodic and liquidation financial statements;
  • preparing tax returns;
  • creation of circulars for reviews.
  • financial reporting and business plans;
  • assistance in preparing corporate contracts (articles of association, agreements between partners, private writings) both in the start-up phase and during the subsequent ordinary management of companies;
  • advice and assistance in extraordinary transactions such as enterprise restructuring, corporate reorganisations, liquidations, transfers, mergers (M&A), transformations, divisions, letting and sale of business;
  • share capital (increase, reductions etc.);
  • due diligence performed for evaluation of companies and branches of the company, preparation and certification of appraisals for civil and tax purposes (contributions, revaluations, share swaps).

Tax Assistance

With regard to tax matters, TMFA offers both:

  • continuous assistance from start-up phase to the phase of liquidation, and
  • occasional assistance, linked to specific corporate transactions.

The areas covered by the advice of TFMA range from income tax to VAT and other direct and indirect taxes.
In addition, TMFA provides assistance for professionals and companies in dealing with the tax authorities both in the administrative and judicial branches, in all fields of business law. Full support is provided during tax audits. In the event of any subsequent litigation, legal representation at all stages of litigation is provided as well.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Private Equity

The extraordinary corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, are followed by an integrated team of lawyers, accountants and experienced tax lawyers, who can offer legal, corporate, and tax advice fit to the customer’s specific needs.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years by TMFA professionals, we can support our clients for firm strategy and operations, both in Italy and abroad.

The main services offered are:

  • advice and assistance with loan agreements;
  • tax and legal due diligence;
  • advice and assistance in the drafting of shareholders’ agreements;
  • assistance for acquisition or sale of shares or other companies.

Banking & Finance

TMFA provides support and advice to customers when dealing with lending institutions during start-up of companies, and other ordinary and extraordinary operations.
TMFA support also involves assistance in writing and assessing financial statements in compliance with Italian and International laws.
In cooperation with expert personnel, special skills are offered to access to subsidized credit resources and public notices.

Crisis management business

TMFA professionals work in synergy to offer interdisciplinary consultancy in crisis management business. Some of the tasks may include:

  • financial restructuring, sustainability assessment and medium term cash flow forecasting;
  • debt restructuring agreements/recovery plans;
  • staff reduction plan and strategy;
  • mergers and acquisitions to take over firms in financial trouble;
  • insolvency, extraordinary administration, administrative agreements, and bankruptcy.