Labor law, social security and legal advice

The TMFA Labor and legal departments, in close synergy  with each other and through the specific competences of employment lawyers, and experienced consultants are able to provide appropriate assistance in the interpretation and application of the laws on labor, social and welfare policy, on collective agreements. TMFA also provides advice on hiring and managing the employment relationship.
The presence in TMFA of advisers with twenty years of experience in public administration, and in particular in social security, provides customers with great competence in handling issues related to social security contributions in general, such as the management of installments, relations with Tax collectors, arranging corporate and individual positions.
TMFA also provides legal representation in judicial and non-judicial litigation.

Details of salaries and contributions 

TMFA, with the collaboration of highly qualified personnel, provides a payroll processing service and all inherent services to companies of any industry.
The payroll software used by TMFA, allows customers to interface through a simple Internet connection, so as to be able to remotely manage the automated detection of and access to their historical documents (pays lips, F24, financial statements, etc.).

Personnel administration and human resources management

TMFA consultants, provide all the necessary assistance for the ordinary administration of the staff, from the simplest procedures (recruitment/termination notices, contributions and insurance position openings, etc.), to switch to tasks that require special attention and professional experience including, but not limited to: preparation of management reports, preparation of budget forecasting on labor costs, management of disciplinary proceedings, etc.
Special emphasis is placed on human resources management, through a service of assistance and consultancy led directly into the company, to respond to the questions of the employer as well as of the worker.

Relations with trade unions 

TMFA provides its clients with assistance in dealing with trade unions and in particular in handling individual disputes, initiation of procedures for the IGC, mobility, solidarity contracts, in addition to providing advice and assistance in corporate transformations, corporate divestitures and corporate branches, etc.

TMFA proposes a qualified and professional service Employment Consultancy dedicated to any kind of company throughout the country.

The consultants and collaborators fielded by TMFA have twenty years of experience in the industry and are able to offer qualified assistance and expertise.